a proven method in creating a risk based approach

the SECURE® method

A bespoke Risk Assessment for your bank in just 15 days

Belleron is a specialised financial crime advisory organisation. One of the core competencies of Belleron is assisting financial institutions with managing financial economic crime risks by conducting a financial crime risk assessment. The risk assessment performed by the team at Belleron will be based on the in-house developed method SECURE®.

The SECURE® method is a structured and lean step-by-step approach to conducting a risk assessment through which the organisation will be assessed, risks will be identified and recommendations will be made. Belleron’s deep understanding of financial economic crime dynamics, combined with the ability to leverage technology, help produce transformative insights which allow our clients to move to a robust future-focused set of controls, with optimal effectiveness, efficiency and compliance.

We follow the SECURE® method on-site in 2-3 workshops which are attended by representattives of the business, compliance, risk, security, product and IT. In these workshops we fill out the following topics in joined effort, amongst other subject relevant:

Product / Channel matrix

TOP 10 Risk scroring

Risk descriptions

Risk Based Severity Inventory

Monitoring matrix

Risk typology matrix

A tangible end-result: the Risk Assessment Report

Belleron delivers a Risk Assessment Report describing your risk-based approach to mitigate financial crimes such as anti-money laundering (AML), fraud, know your customer (KYC) and customer due diligence (CDD).

Following the process ensures transaction monitoring systems fit the complete set of controls the bank has in the financial crime area. This leads to detection systems covering the identified risks, with optimal hit-rates, using traditional rule sets, peer grouping and even trained machine learning algorithms.

Belleron uses this method to design and build detection configurations in various detection tools. It also uses SECURE® to audit the defensive capabilities of financial institutions in the fight against Financial Crime.


An easy and low cost, though effective way to understand common ground and transform that into a Risk Strategy for the longer term by all participants.


and that's a promise. The Belleron consultants will facilitate the SECURE® process on-site and present the results, findings and the report accordingly.


We executed the method in over dozens of countries in Europe alone. We've dealt with reulatory audits on behalf of our customers, and passed with flying colors.

Get your SECURE® certification

Interested to fight financial crime yourself? We're always on the lookout for Business and Technical Analysts in helping to catch the bad guys. We provide an extensive training program to get your SECURE® certification in the World's only proven method to develop a risk based approach which actually works.

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